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© Photography: Stephen Bennett


Palliser Dwyer

In this interview, we talk with Fabia Palliser & Lucy Dwyer from Palliser Dwyer, a full-service interior design & project management studio, based in London.

Can you tell us a bit more about this project?

This project is a favourite of ours, working with a young family in Ladywell Village, London. We had a shared vision to create a home that felt colourful, comfortable and artistic, with an abundance of texture and depth in every room. We were keen to see a mixture of antique, classic and craft pieces sitting together in the same spaces; helping to ensure the overall design felt unique and special, but not attached to any particular era or trend.

What is the most exciting part of the design process?

It’s difficult to pinpoint because there are so many exciting moments throughout each process and project. The initial development of a design direction often holds the most promise in terms of starting to think about what it is you want to create and what aspects of your client’s story you can bring to life. However, as design elements start to take shape, such as custom fittings and furnishings, as you work with tradespeople and makers in the creation of pieces and finally as you install these components and see them come together, arguably this is the most thrilling part of the process overall. And the details and the decisions you make along the way give you little bursts of excitement as you lead up to it.

What is the most important factor when designing a room?

For our studio, the priority is how our clients will use and live in the spaces we design. We always want to conceive a room that is beautifully put together, but also one that flows and functions in a practical sense. We believe that finding and playing on the balance between these two elements is important when creating a design that our clients will enjoy for years to come.

What do you think makes a house a home?

The details. The canvas you create is very important here, as is the style of furnishings, but ultimately it is the smaller, personal touches that show you where you are - in a space where people are happy, cared for and can express themselves fully. These details might be objects that capture or conjure significant memories, they might be artworks that illustrate personal taste and interests, they might just be beautiful or make you laugh.

What is the secret to creating timeless decor?

We believe in not following industry trends too closely; to be aware, but not held captive by them, when thinking about each design project. We like to focus on design that speaks to each client’s taste and tells their individual story - and for us this often means mixing styles and periods of design, pairing old with new and not worrying too much about whether we are ticking the boxes of what is “in style”. In our experience these moments tend to pass more quickly than expected and spaces can quickly become dated as a result.