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a sumptuous Art Deco style


This collection will take you for a joyful walk through the effervescence of the arteries of Manhattan, Chicago or Miami, full of eclectic and timeless influences.

Walk freely along the large avenues on the rythm of Jazz music, dreaming of prosperous times, of a sumptuous Art Deco style… A balanced mix of stylised and dynamic motifs, hinting at the architecture and the urbanism of these metropolitan areas, and at their predilection back then for precious materials and exotic woodwork.
Even if influences from the past can be found in this collection, contemporary accents give them a new interpretation. Ode to elegance and refinement, with a touch of extravagance, the collection Avenue stages graphic and coloristic codes.
Avenue goes back and forth between shimmering and intense colours, enhanced by gold and other metallic accents, pastel colours and natural and sobre shades.