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Wynnman Place by Eerospace

In this interview, we talk with Mia Sarah from Eerospace, a boutique design studio focused on creating beautiful interior spaces for private clients and London’s best developers.

    Where do you find your inspiration (inside or outside the interior design world)?

    As a creative agency, Eerospace is inspired by life - all the colours, textures, shades and inanimate objects that you encounter in the everyday. However, we do have a few official muses including Eero Saarinen, Grace Jones, Stanley Spencer and the colour Orange.

    What's your approach to deciding whether you're going to wallpaper or paint a room?

    Wallpaper has come such a long way compared to where it was 20 years ago. It adds depth, texture and a vibrancy that sometimes paint can't match.

    What do you love about interior design?

    Interior design allows the best of words. It allows you to be creative - the sky's the limit when it comes to colours, finishing, tiles, features and bespoke elements. It also allows your logical abilities to shine - you have to make sure all the elements come together harmoniously, on schedule and on budget.

    Why did you opt for wallcoverings in this specific project?

    At Wynnman, we wanted to use an eco-friendly lens, showcasing that not only was the product sustainable, but that sustainability can look sleek and beautiful too

    What's the most exciting part of the design process?

    When you see your hard work come to life. It's one thing to look at tiles and floor plans and designs in the abstract, but it's another thing to see all your efforts come to fruition. Each project is a little piece of the Eerospace soul.