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Omexco presents its Joy, Moonstone and Atelier 2022 collections

Luxury Hospitality Magazine - 20th January 2022

Omexco is a Belgian family owned manufacturer of fine wallcoverings founded in 1976. Represented in more than 80 countries worldwide, its products are designed at the brand’s atelier close to Brussels and are mostly produced locally or in collaboration with specialised craftsmen around the world with eco-friendly materials and methods. Omexco launches 4 to 5 new collections per year which are all developed in-house with its own designers or in collaboration with famous designers or artists. Printed, woven or natural, each one of the creations is handmade, custom cut and aims to bring a sense of poetry to spaces.

We don’t cover your walls, we make them stand out
Printed, natural or textile, all of the wallcoverings are sold by the metre and consist of a non-woven, highly durable and breathing backing specially developed for Omexco. Always aiming for the highest quality and aesthetic results, the company has worked and continues to collaborate with prestigious brands (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Four Seasons Hotel being just some of them) that share the same values of high standards for design and quality.

This image shows the Blooming Marvellous design from Omexco's wallcoverings collection Joy. The playful design with a pattern of blue leafs is the perfect backgrop for the iconic Egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. The large window adds brightness to the contemporary space.

Designed to inspire. Daring to delight.
Printed on 100% recycled fibres and cellulose, reflecting Omexco’s long tradition of sustainable sourcing of materials, joycollection is steeped in environmental consciousness and goes even further in the brand’s ecological aspirations. An explosion of colour, a journey to exuberance. joy collection conjures a lightness of being and a flash of zest. Stand-out designs and playful colours unfold a feeling of happiness. The collection includes 7 designs.

"Morning Dew" design from Omexco's Moonstone collection. Glassbeads are underprinted in powdery boudoir shades. Serene setting with a cosy chair, end table, modern glass pendant light and herringbone wooden floor.

Luxurious. Mysterious. Dazzling.
Moonstone is a timeless collection of beautiful wallcoverings crafted from natural mica. Luxurious 3D textures subtly reflect light to dazzling effect. Available in a range of stone sizes, from super-fine to tantalizingly textured. Elegantly embellished by abstract art. Handcrafted into a magnificent mosaïc. Softly sprinkled in striking geometric designs. The collection includes 7 designs.

The Atelier collection by Omexco is an eclectic blend of artisanal craftsmanship and contemporary couture. On the wall of this inviting dining room we see a horizontally shown chunky weave in dark grey, brown and beige hues. The space is furnished with a Scandinavian style dining table and chairs, marked by a focus on clean, simple lines and minimalism. We also see a a chestnut parquet floor, a hanging lamp with wooden lightshade and ceramic vases and plates on the table.

An eclectic offering of couture and contemporary wallcoverings.

A tactile tribute to the importance of handmade craft in interior design, the Atelier collection provides the perfect wallcovering to luxury interiors. With hand-spun fantasy yarns intertwined into chunky weaves and recycled sari silk fabrics twisted into ribbons and woven with abaca stem as well as handmade paper sculpted into mural artwork, the atelier collection gives voice to creativity. Appliquéd botanical fibres and striking patchworks of woven natural raffia come together and burst into this eclectic collection of couture and contemporary wallcoverings, sprinkled in striking geometric designs. The collection includes 8 designs.