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Material Moodboard: Revolt

Trend pick by Francq Colors

Life currently seems filled with crises - energy, climate, and corona. Trust in our leaders is shrinking, leading us to take more control of our lives. This is at the heart of the Revolt theme. Both individuals and brands feel a responsibility to bring positive change, where ‘purpose’ is no longer an empty term. Consumers now expect from brands what they previously expected from leaders. The trend shows military influences but finds inspiration in nature and sustainable materials.

Revolting with color can be easy. Be bold, be brave, show some courage

The color palette within Revolt has a base of natural camouflage tones, but mainly shows rebellion in some colors that we wouldn’t naturally place together. And in particular, we are looking at orange Sunrise and Revolutionary Red which are relativized with softer shades such as a Classic Coral and a Power Peach.

It is a palette for the daring, for those who want to do away with too-perfect pictures. Within the Revolt theme, there are also many references to wood colors and colors that refer to pure earth.