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New York Times: 13 Different Options for Wallpaper, Tile and Upholstery

New York Times - March 2024
by Arlene Hirst

Tribute continues to be paid to the past — from Victorian nests of excess to disciplined Scandinavian lines and palettes. Our eyes continue to be dazzled by optical tricks, such as trompe l’oeil patterns that collapse dimensions. Couture still refuses to remain in the closet: If pearls complete the little black dress, think of what they could do for your living room walls. And more than ever, concerns about sustainability and health drive the development of the materials that surround us.

Moments, a woven wallcovering created from pandan leaves — a plant used in cooking and medicine and even as an air freshener — is a recent offering of Omexco, an eco-conscious Belgian company.