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An exciting collaboration with Studio Dado

Attribute to Yohandel Ruiz
Co-founder, Studio DADO

We always enjoy collaborating with Omexco. They genuinely try to understand what we want to achieve through design, and they always deliver the highest technical and production value. It is the perfect partnership of aesthetics and functionality. Studio DADO

Our design for the Rivage collection was inspired by our personal experiences as global travellers. The collection celebrates the patterns and symbols we see in some of the world’s most memorable places but gives it a slightly modern accent so it feels current, modern and relevant to today’s environments.

We never know where we’ll find inspiration, and that what makes the process so much fun. The Rivage collection takes its cues from a curious range of sources—an intricate basket weave, a texture wall, a painter’s brush strokes and even the spindled straw of a thatched roof. Studio DADO

The patterns create a type of visual language across the collection. Sometimes they are simple gestures with subtle tones and shifts, while others are a bit more bold and dramatic. Taken together they are like a movie soundtrack that advances the story without calling too much attention to itself. Studio DADO

Wallcoverings of this quality are like a stage. They may not be the main event, but they always enhance and enrich the experience.

Studio Dado

The patterns are meant to feel familiar, almost classic or archetypal but they also come across as fresh and contemporary. This gives them the flexibility to work in a variety of contexts and applications.

We specialize in the design of hospitality environments, so we are especially impressed with the performance and durability of the collection. Omexco has produced an IMO-certified wallcovering that doesn’t look like an IMO-certified wallcovering. Studio DADO

The color palette is rich and sophisticated. It is unabashedly of this time but has the depth and richness of a classic selection that feels timeless and enduring. The darker contrasting colors give the palette strength and solidity; they’re perfect for smaller spaces that call out for a dash of drama. The muted tones evoke a subtle sense of nature and calm, offering an oasis or sense of respite. And the neutrals bring the collection a measure of flexibility that works in a variety of applications. Studio DADO

Ein Bild eines Moodboards mit Mustern aus der Hochleistungs-Kollektion Rivage von Omexco in beruhigenden Weiß-, Beige- und Grüntönen.  Diese Wandbeläge sind nicht nur PVC-frei und bleichbar, sondern haben jetzt auch eine verbesserte Leistung mit Schrubbbarkeit.
© Studio Dado