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The McLean Home

Location: McLean, Virginia
Interior Designer: Splendor Styling
Project type: Private residence
Photography: Matthew Dandy

"Made to be enjoyed. This home with a spectacular architectural foundation went through a complete renovation to be able to host, share and celebrate with friends and family. Dramatic might the best word to describe it. Dark colors, jewel tones and splashed metallics make it feel glamorous yet inviting. A space designed for big gatherings, cocktail parties and movie nights. To enjoy it fully is truly a delight." − Splendor Styling

Almost monochromatic
"Blacks and grays with a dash of fun. We like our bedrooms cozy like a warm hug, but spectacular no matter what. This room was designed with a sober color palette to let the outdoors shine in through the windows."

Leisurely. Without hurry.
"Prioritize your free time. Enjoy being home and relaxing, in your most favorite way.
A dramatic wall wrapped in cork wallpaper with gold chips welcomes you to the Game Room. This fun and versatile space works as the preamble to an expansive Theater Room designed for celebrations, gaming and movie marathons."