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Trend pick: Rewild

Trend pick by Francq Colors

More than ever we long for wild nature. We want more green, walks in the forest. We desire clean air and fresh water. Nature has healing properties: stress is reduced and we become more fit. Climate change also shows us that we have to ‘rewild’ as soon as possible. A lot of cities have started softening and greening. Even if more buildings are being constructed, respect for nature has to be central.

Architects try to affect the ecosystem is little as possible. Buildings blend in with the greenery or even facilitate the way it grows. Nature should not be controlled but should be set free.

In the design world, we also see more of this wild nature emerging. Literally, or as a source of inspiration. Textiles go wild with various textures, varying thickness and colors in one item. Objects get irregular shapes that are often inspired by spontaneous and uncontrolled processes out of nature. The aesthetic of coral reefs (precious but endangered) is something that is often reflected in the design. There’s also the ‘overgrown’ look: objects that seem overgrown with nature.

On top of that, Next-Gen materials are also very important. New materials on an organic basis such as mycelium leather, spider silk, paper or leather from algae, pigments for paint from bacteria... Residual waste from the food industry is given a new life as a raw material. Think about apple or grape leather, textiles made from citrus peels or faux-plastic based on oyster shells. And of course the palette is also based on the – sometimes very expressive – colors from wild nature, from bright green, warm brown and purple to yellow.