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An elegant round glass table lamp, beautifully positioned on top of a book, serves as the focal point in this stylish decor. The backdrop features luxurious capiz wallcoverings from Omexco's Archipelago collection, showcasing a captivating blend of gold and brown shades, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

the inherent splendour of capiz shells


Unveiled in our newest collection, Archipelago is a captivating tale of the elegance of Capiz shells, interwoven with the shimmering brilliance of mica minerals.

Archipelago effortlessly combines the timeless sophistication of luxury with the exquisite beauty of Capiz and mica materials.

Every design is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, passion and a profound reverence for the natural world surrounding us.

The Capiz shells have been carefully chosen and expertly crafted to retain their unparalleled beauty and to showcase the shell’s full richness and illuminate its inherent splendour.

The inherent lustre of the mica harmoniously complements the opulence of the Capiz shells, making Archipelago the perfect mix of both luxury and authenticity.