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Taking you on an exotic ride

Birds of Paradise

Immerse yourself in nature’s splendour...

Go maximalist with our fabulous florals, luscious leaves and beautiful birds. Reconnect with nature’s splendour and add a playful touch of escapism to your interior.

This exuberant collection of bold prints looks splendid paired with Omexco’s most popular signature plain Silky. Brought to you in an enticing array of new colours.

Wrap your walls with vibrant wallcoverings depicting exotic landscapes, lush gardens and extraordinary botanicals guaranteed to turn heads.

Closeup of a vivid turquoise wall. This is Omexco’s most popular signature plain, printed on a textured non-woven to give it that familiar textile look. The design of this wallcovering is called «Silky» and belongs to the tropical «Birds of Paradise» collection. In front of the wall we see a gold side table on which colourful glass vases of various heights and shapes are posed.

There is nothing like a burst of buds to boost your mood…