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The Khatam collection, a fusion of nature and precious metal, brings shimmering elegance and soft glamour to your walls.

Bringing adorned nature into your home.
The Khatam collection reveals the most beautiful characteristics of cork, a stunning natural renewable material. Soft to the touch with beautiful nuances in tone, this cork collection has a matt finish. We were inspired by the intricacy of Venetian floor patterns and the exquisite designs of Persian marquetry which fuse Eastern and Western artwork.

Production is precise yet sophisticated. Bark from the cork oak is harvested, combined in block form, cut into delicate leaves, placed onto a metallic background, then coloured or printed. The natural beauty of the cork is gently enhanced through unique dyeing methods. The colours are embellished with gold, silver or copper sparkles.

We have also created two stunning marquetry designs. The artisan positions each delicate leaf of cork by hand onto a fine geometric design to form magnificent inlay patterns, resulting in a luxurious elegant wallcovering.
A timeless collection of contemporary neutral tones and shades contrasted with striking jewel colours of peacock blue, charcoal, leaf green and red rust. Intimately connected with nature, the Khatam collection is authentic, elegant and entirely suited to modern living.