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Timeless collection blending several materials: a perfect harmony drawing inspiration from nature and modernity.

Imagine discovering a haven of peace in the midst of the wild energy of the city.
Our designers were inspired by wall patinas weathered by the depths of history for this new collection that blends non-woven prints and resplendent minerals: glass beads and mica sparkles. A subtle interplay between shadow and light, matt and shine, on unique designs inspired by nature or geometry. Like a handprint, the print techniques are selected to convey the beauty of the material’s imperfections.

Can we discern a faint imprint? Gravel patterns in a Japanese Zen garden? A sandy beach sculpted by the tide? The weave of raw cloth? Oxidised metal? The abstract character of the design lends an air of timelessness.

The collection offers harmonies of deep colours as well as soft and muted shades. The stunning glass beads lend an air of magnificence to large spaces. The handprints suit all interiors perfectly.