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A stunning living room featuring Omexco's Rivage wallcovering in a captivating blue hue with artistic brushstrokes. The design skillfully weaves echoes of ropes and maritime knots, paying tribute to the intricacies of seafaring. In the foreground, a close-up of a beige sofa and a minimalist wooden side table exudes modern elegance. Beyond, an open window reveals a refreshing view of a swimming pool, adding to the overall sense of tranquility and sophistication in this beautifully adorned space.

the meeting point where the land embraces the sea


Omexco presents an exciting collaboration with Miami-based Studio Dado, renowned for their exceptional design expertise and innovative approach. This dynamic partnership brings together our brand’s visionary craftsmanship and Studio Dado’s unparalleled creative vision, resulting in a remarkable fusion of style, functionality and innovation.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we sought to create a collection that visually represents the diverse array of people, places, and objects that populate our planet. This collection draws inspiration from the intertwining forces of nature, artistic expression, and the playful interaction between land and water.

Introducing Rivage, the newest addition to our High Performance range, boasting a new level of durability. These wallcoverings are not only PVC-free and bleach cleanable, but now have an enhanced performance with scrubbability.

Function meets beauty, durability meets luxury, sustainability meets high performance.