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decorative wallcoverings improving acoustic comfort in your home


Designed with your interiors in mind, Silence offers an improved acoustic comfort by strongly reducing the reverberation of sound. This is Omexco's first collection of decorative wallcoverings with acoustic properties. Silence is the result of a collaboration between the company’s research and design teams.

is a high-quality product with a simple tone-on-tone design. The design is available in a subtle range of 10 colours.

This wallcovering has the ability to greatly enhance the acoustic comfort within any room by absorbing energy from sound waves. Consequently, it significantly reduces the reverberation of noise within the room where it is installed.

The double-layered product introduced in Silence combines aesthetics and technology to create a high-quality product with excellent acoustic properties.

The « αw » value, which represents the weighted sound absorption coefficient and ranges from 0 to 1, indicates the percentage of sound energy that is absorbed. This wallcovering reduces disruptive echoes and enhances the overall acoustic comfort of the room. With an αw value of 0.35, as achieved by this Omexco product, it means that, on average, 35% of the sound energy is absorbed.