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Bucharest apartment

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Interior Designer: Inedit Works
Project type: Private residence

"For each project we ask the clients a few keywords that define their expectations. Starting from these and our personal perception of the space we define a concept that we call "the story". This "story" guides us through the process of design. The elements that define our design approach are: the continuity of the "story", the power of contrast and the use of rythm and gradient." − Inedit Works

"At the very first meeting with the clients they asked for 2 things: an apartment full of light and the feeling of 5 star hotel."− Inedit Works

"We always try to use colours or textures so we can disembody the limits of the space. That is why in our projects you will always find materials that go from the floor to the walls or even to the ceiling. We do not like to emphasize the existing borders of the rooms because we want the users to experience a limitless atmosphere." − Inedit Works

"We are always looking for non descriptive design elements. The meaning or the feeling of successfully designed room should be very different from one person to another. That is why we prefer non descriptive elements or more geometrical ones so that they foster the imagination of each user." − Inedit Work

"The most interesting idea of the interior design is the fact that we can create unity in diversity. Although each room/ space is unique, we see them as the pages of a book. Once put together they should create a smooth feeling for the uses." − Inedit Works