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Linda Hartmann’s not-so-elementary mix of rusty reds, teal blues and golden yellows

Business of Home - June 2024
by Caroline Biggs

Linda Hartmann knows that the right textiles can make all the difference in an interior. The Winter Park, Florida–based senior project manager at Marc-Michaels Interior Design seeks out plush upholsteries composed of natural materials to foster calm and comforting atmospheres. “The way the fabrics and finishes feel as you run your hand across them connects you to your environment and makes you want to nest,” she tells Business of Home.

While crafting her current flat lay, Hartmann relied on an assortment of ultratactile pieces, such as velvet, silk and shearling, to create what she describes as a “mysterious yet inviting” mood. “This scheme would work well for a cozy library, surrounded by leather-bound books, with an adjoining powder room,” she says.

Though it teems with sumptuous textures, it’s the well-balanced blend of vibrant jewel tones and grounding neutral golds that ultimately draws the scheme together. “I drew from the rich colors of a red, blue and yellow Sahco fabric,” says the designer. “It offers a more sophisticated take on traditional primary color that, in turn, inspired other selections with equally saturated hues.”

Here, she breaks down the details, from a salvaged tree branch to a Tom Ford candle.

10. Khatam Calligraphy wallcovering in KHA51 By Omexco
“This cork wallpaper has a gold underlay that will turn any powder room into a little jewel box.”