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Interior design: DawnElise Interiors

Project highlight

Florida Condo

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Interior Designer: DawnElise Interiors International
Project type: Private residence

"For this project, we decorated a designer-ready new construction condo on the Atlantic Ocean. The homeowners are avid art and photography collectors, so the idea for their decor was to highlight their collection and really create a symbiotic space where decor complements the art and vice versa." − DawnElise Interiors International

Interior design: DawnElise Interiors

"Since the clients are art collectors, most of the other walls in the home are covered with canvases, framed artwork, and wall sculptures. I thought that using wallpaper as a focal point in this room made the space interesting, while giving us a visual break from the walls covered with art. This bedroom design was so fun to work on because of the different textures that we brought into the space. The tiled accent wall complements the plush rug not in touch but in sight and this creates an interesting layered dynamic for the bedroom. The floor to ceiling curtains shade the room from the bright sun which sets a soft almost dreamy like atmosphere - perfect for settling in for a comfy cozy night."

I thought that using wallpaper as a focal point in this room made the space interesting.

"I always prioritize my clients’ tastes and needs so every space is unique, but I think the ever-present, defining elements of my style through which I interpret my client's desires are; unencumbered, clean lines, simple luxury achieved through texture, color, and form and a subtle straightforward aesthetic. Wallcovering or fabric, even for hard surfaces, such as wood and tile, I am generally attracted to materials whose interest comes from the texture."

"The most exciting part of the design process is the final installation, when we are bringing in the furniture and accessories and finishing up. It's always exciting and rewarding. I enjoy looking at the project in its entirety and thinking about how we arrived at this point. I have so much nervous energy I can't stay still!" − DawnElise Interiors International