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Artistic moodboard with Omexco’s natural handmade wallcovering collection Intuition. We see a diverse range of natural materials in shades of beige and brown: braided pandan, weaves of mulberry and burlap, a textured weave of bakbak, bacnoc and paper yarn. The wallcovering pieces are placed on a white stone surface. The Intuition collection emphasizes the inherent richness of natural fibres in their purest form.


6 Interiors Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Houzz Magazine - May 2024
by Amanda Pollard

This year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) was bigger and better than ever, with new venues, larger exhibition spaces and a huge array of influential exhibitors and speakers. The festival took place from 21 to 23 May at various destinations around the trendy east London neighbourhood. Read on to discover the key design themes on show at this year’s event.

Discover the products on display and the themes industry experts were discussing at the UK’s leading design festival.

Raw materials
There were plenty of examples of products that featured unadorned raw materials at this year’s CDW, with designers displaying the aesthetic qualities of these substances.

Omexco was also celebrating raw materials by displaying its Intuition range of wallcoverings (pictured), in which natural fibres are combined to make gorgeous, tactile textures and patterns.