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Material Moodboard: Fabulous Fake

Trend pick by Francq Colors

The theme “Fabulous Fake” is characterized by open-mindedness and inclusivity, encouraging creativity and innovation without adhering to traditional norms.

It is marked by a colorful and experimental approach, using vibrant pastel colors like Matcha, Paled Pink, Luxurious Lime, and Cloudy Sky. These colors, combined with neutral grey tones, create mood boards with an unexpected twist.

Driven by digitization, “Fabulous Fake” explores the endless possibilities of the digital world, encouraging playful experimentation. Unlike the negative connotations of fake news, the lifestyle sector now views fake elements as amusing, beautiful, and emotionally stimulating, showcasing the benefits of artificiality.

The use of bright pastels and neutral greys aims to uplift and brighten moods, providing a fresh and invigorating aesthetic.