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Material Moodboard: Solar Age

Trend pick by Francq Colors

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel has never been more important, which is the feeling this theme is all about. The colors representing the sun radiate optimism and warmth. There is a kind of optimism in Solar Age.

However, thinking about the heat waves, forest fires and droughts, the sun is not always good news. It is the beginning of all life, but at the same time it often makes it very difficult for us to survive on Earth. That duality is also reflected in this theme. Within Solar Age, we seek a harmonious way of living together with the sun.

The color palette reminds us of a perfect sunset. A mix of warm tones like Sunrise, Sunset Yellow and Cosmic Cream that are accompanied by some more neutral browns and creams. A touch of color is added with Raspberry and Scarlet shades. This color palette is for the daring who love a neutral base. The addition of the bolder colors shows some boldness, combined with warmer shades.