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© Nava Rapacchietta

Project highlight

Seta Meat Lab

Location: Bologna, Italy
Interior Designer: Willy Calabrese
Cobra wallcoverings by Omexco, distributed by Effeitalia

The new Seta Meat Lab, located in the center of Bologna, just a few minutes’ walk from Piazza Maggiore, is the exclusive restaurant that has opened in the wake of the great success of Seta Sushi Lab in Piazza Santo Stefano, guided by Chef Glen Cueto with Maurilio Zaccone and Davide Colomba.

© Nava Rapacchietta

"The refined taste and the ambience of Seta Meat Lab is the manifesto of a style that aggregates dissimilar elements and combines them in casual ways, to achieve a coherence of aesthetics. Exposed brick walls with spatula-worked golden details coexist in the same space with optical illusion, reptile or concrete texture wallpapers, as well as with sofas and seats covered in leather or velvet." − Catellani & Smith