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Be that summer colourful

The warm breeze of summer and the faint aroma of rain past have kissed your senses. Do you want to bring that outside vibe indoors and turn your project into the happiness of summer? Get ready for some colourful inspiration.

Colour and light
Colours are a big part of our lives. We are surrounded by them, immersed in their vibrant tones, caressed by subtle shades. No matter what kind of colour, all of them influence how we see our environment, absorb a space, and how we feel.

We all experience a space and its colour scheme in our own unique way. The presence of light plays an instrumental role in our perception of colour, and so do factors such as culture, age and experiences. However we have some helpful pointers collected from interior design psychology, if you’re looking to invite certain feelings and emotions using colours.

Summer shades
Summer is a rainbow of emotions, activities and experiences. The greens of everything growing scream out health and being alive. The luscious, yellow-pinkish gradients of sunsets and sunrises, and their fiery red goodbyes and hellos make us feel passionate and inspired.

Sandy beaches blurring into turquoise and deep blue horizons carry us to peaceful and melancholy places.

© Diana Cabezas

Let summer’s warmth make you happy
Interior design considers the uses of a space as well as the emotions of its users. How will someone feel in this space? How will summer colours be felt? Generally, summer colours bring a feeling of happiness and can bring on a surge of creativity. The boldness of yellow, the sun’s colour, brings warmth, openness and energy to a space, easily turning it into a fun environment.

This energy can also be conveyed with orange tones and reds, as they tend to have the same effect while adding extra courage and passion, according to interior design psychology. Orange comes out nicely in living areas, children's rooms and working spaces. For a little more intensity and stimulation, red works just as well. Tone it down to pink, if you're looking to express a slightly more soothing and calming space.

A summer walk in the garden
Turning to green, the colour of hope and abundance also brings the concept of life and health into a space, making us naturally think of organic shapes such as plants and trees.

Don’t we love to slowly run the tips of our fingers on the intricate patterns that form in leaves? The vibrant blues of exotic birds invite us to touch them. We can almost feel the plushness of the feathers. Blue brings calmness in a space, a favourite for bedrooms and wellness environments.

Wisdom with colours
Use bright colours wisely and sparingly, as they can become overwhelming. Too much blue in a space can be a little gloomy. Accentuate bright colours, by adding yellow accessories or furniture for example, or even a wallcovering with yellow accents. Or keep the furniture neutral instead, and try a wall covering with red and pink dominating, a playful, organic pattern, or even a daring colour scheme of stripes. Whatever you go for, remember to keep the client’s personality in mind, and they’ll be happy. Summer happy!

Already feeling that summer vibe? Draw some inspiration from our wallcovering collections and add a splash of colour to your interior project!