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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Information

How do I become a client of Omexco and where can I buy your products? Who is the distributor in my country?

For UK, Ireland and France, you can contact us directly. For the rest of the world, you can contact your local distributor. Please click here to see the list of our distributors worldwide. If there’s no distributor mentioned in your country, contact us and we will send you the details of the distributor in your region within the shortest delay possible.

How do I place an order with Omexco?

For UK, Ireland and France, you can contact your representative to place an order. If you’re not in contact with an Omexco representative yet, please let us know and we will get back to you with the contact details of the representative in your region.

(For the rest of the world, you can place your order with the distributor in your region.)

I am an interior designer, how can I order samples?

Interior professionals can order up to a maximum of 5 samples on our website. Please click on “our wallcoverings” on the homepage and select the design you like. On the right you can click on “add to my samples”. When all your samples are chosen, you go to the top of the webpage where you can click on “request samples” and fill in your contact details. Afterwards you will get a confirmation e-mail with the details of your request.

How do I search for a specific wallcovering?

If you go to our wallcoverings, you have the option to filter by collection, colour, material, style, washability,… to find the wallcovering you like.

Can I check stock online?

Stock information is reserved for professionals with access to this part of our website. You can verify our stock here. If you haven’t received access, please contact your distributor our your representative.

What is the validity of your collections?

Click here for our validity list.

What are the general conditions of sale?

Please click here for the general conditions of sale.

What are the tariff codes?

Please click here for the tariff codes.

Technical Information

What are your efforts on sustainability?

As a manufacturer, we limit our impact on the environment on different levels. We use recycled fibres as much as possible and favour renewable energy for the production process. We always opt for products with a non-harmful base and renewable materials such as cork or recycled sari silk.

Omexco has a long history of being eco-conscious and we push our creativity whilst trying to reduce waste, e.g. by custom cutting every order. Almost all of our products are eco-certified and PVC free. All these efforts have allowed us to obtain the Ecological Label as well as the certificate for sustainable forestry.

Do I need to follow any special procedure to hang Omexco wallcovering?

For each type of product you can consult the hanging instructions, when clicking on “installation and maintenance”

What is the meaning of all the different wallcovering symbols?

You can find the meaning of every symbol here.

Which adhesive should be used?

Please consult the hanging instructions for each type of product, by clicking on “installation and maintenance”.

What is reverse hanging and do we need to reverse alternate lengths during the installation?

Reverse hanging means that each drop must be hung in the opposite direction from the previous drop to achieve a uniform result. If so, this is clearly indicated on the outside of the box and on the roll itself by a fluorescent orange label. It’s also mentioned in the technical specifications of each product.

Are there any special cleaning instructions to follow?

Yes, please read carefully following instructions.

Do you make custom wallcoverings?

Yes, please consult your representative or distributor to find out more about our custom possibilities.

Where can I find the Declaration of Performance and CE marking?

Please click here for the Declaration of Performance and CE marking.

Please click here for the UK Declaration of Confirmity UKCA.