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Image of a luminous living room with a dark parquet floor, featuring a large oval marble dining table supported by cylindrical legs in antiqued brass. A wood mid-century modern chair complements the table. In the background, a large window with a white curtain allows natural light to fill the space. Pendant lights with various lampshades in white glass illuminate the dining table. On the walls, Omexco's geometric marquetry collection "Imperialis" is displayed. It showcases a delicate interlocking pattern of wood against a metallic background. The shapes are dark brown, light brown and white, creating a sophisticated and harmonious atmosphere.

paulownia, the imperial tree


Opulent marquetry designs crafted from exquisite wood

The Paulownia tree, originally known as Kiri, was initially discovered in Japan. It made its way to Europe in 1835 through the efforts of Philipp Franz von Siebold, a renowned collector of Japanese plants. In recognition of Imperial Grand Duchess Anne Pavlovna’s contribution to botany, von Siebold bestowed the tree with a new name, « Paulownia ».

Close-up of geometric marquetry wallcoverings from Omexco's Imperialis collection, featuring shades of light brown, dark brown and beige. Inspired by lotus leaves, the design exudes grace and elegance. In the foreground, a marble side table holds an open notebook and a wooden decorative element. Soft daylight illuminates the wall, enhancing the intricate patterns and textures.

The Imperialis collection presents a wide array of opulent marquetry designs crafted from this exquisite wood.

In various art deco patterns, the wood veneer is delicately placed against a gilded backdrop.

The wood is also used in its purest form to showcase the elegance of uncomplicated geometries.