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Trend pick: Skilling

Trend pick by Francq Colors

The digital evolution has gained momentum in recent years. But the harder we digitize, the louder its counter-reaction, also reflected in this theme that focuses on our hands. As was the case with digitization, the pandemic accelerated this trend. We had nothing to do, there was only one activity left: learning new things, developing our talents and skills.

Skilling is mainly about understanding processes, gathering more knowledge in order to help the world move forward. It is not a new form of DIY, but an appreciation of the craftsmanship behind a product. We look for very practical and functional solutions, with curiosity and sustainability as fixed values. There is also an intellectual vibe to the theme. Smart is the new cool.

The functionality of objects is of course crucial, for example furniture that you can stack. It may also be visible how a certain piece is made, how the materials form the basis of the design. Buckles and belts also refer to the functional, both in fashion and design. Pixelated prints and motifs, on the other hand are a nostalgic throwback to the era when we were not yet addicted to our smartphones.

In addition, new materials are being considered for an increasing number of applications. Moreover, the transition between two different materials is no longer camouflaged. Ethical transparency manifests itself in visual transparency. Perforated materials are popular in both fashion and design. After all, perforating can make a material lighter without losing strength.

The color palette also looks very rational and functional, inspired by school and work uniforms. Uniforms and workwear have been trending for a while now, but will become even more ubiquitous. In shops and hospitality, this is translated into the warehouse aesthetic.